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Awarded plagiarism algorithm

  • The first place on the 3rd International Competition on Plagiarism Detection during conference CLEF 2011 Labs and Workshops, 19-22 September, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our algorithm was best in most evaluation parameters [1] [2].
  • Winner of the European Prize for Innovation in Public Administration 2013 [3].

Powerful, robust and multilingual

We offer a sophisticated text matching algorithm (full match, statistical similarity) with a sophisticated performance scaling mechanism. We support various deployment scenarios, large and small repositories, centralized and distributed solutions. The internal representation is also suitable for deploying language translators and analysis of document originally in different languages.

Are you looking for an inexpensive solution and are it enough if the results are within an hour? Do you need performance without compromise on a really large amount of data? Contact us.

Open, flexible and cost-effective

We support various types of installations. We offer the system primarily as a service (SaaS). Once the technical and safety conditions have been met, we are able to operate the system on customer's facilities as well. In this type of installation, however, the cost of the overtime is also important for the customer. How many documents can be indexed on one server? What are the costs for obtaining and running this server? For long-term cooperation and large installations, these costs are substantial.

Case study: ANTIPLAG SK

Project name: Slovak national central repository of thesis and dissertations

A centralized solution to the plagiarism control of all final works of university students in the Slovak Republic.A system that respects the needs and specifics of a small language of a small country.

The results

  • A unique nationwide electronic central repository for final works, systematically controlled for plagiarism.
  • Report on plagiarism control is part of the State Exam documentation.
  • Licensing policy for publishing final student’s works defined by government law.
  • „Slovak students are much better informed about the concept of plagiarism than their European colleagues“ [1]


Since 2010

Official start of Central repository of thesis and dissertations in Slovak republic. All public universities have been involved. Every thesis of every student goes through anti-plagiarism control.


The register is built systematically with an increase of 80,000 documents per year. It contains all works defended at State Exams in the Slovak Republic since 2010. The size of the corpus of work exceeded 530,000 documents. The number of documents obtained by sophisticated internet research is in tens of millions.

Open access

All thesis registered in Central repository after 31.8.2011 are allowed to be published, due to amendment to the Higher Education Act of 2011. Publishing of the document may be postponed if the strict conditions are met, but not longer than 36 months. Documents in the register are an important source of study literature.


The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic ( by his managed organisation Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (


[1] Ján Grman and Rudolf Ravas. Improved Implementation for Finding Text Similarities in Large Collections of Data—Notebook for PAN at CLEF 2011. In Notebook Papers of CLEF 2011 Labs and Workshops, 19-22 September, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, ISBN 978-88-904810-1-7. ISSN 2038-4963.

[2] Martin Potthast, Andreas Eiselt, Alberto Barrón-Cedeño, Benno Stein, and Paolo Rosso. Overview of the 3rd International Competition on Plagiarism Detection. In Working Notes Papers of the CLEF 2011 Evaluation Labs, September 2011. ISBN 978-88-904810-1-7. ISSN 2038-4963.

[3] Winners of the European Prize for Innovation in Public Administration 2013.

[4] Foltýnek, T.   et al. (2014) “Case Study: Policies, Strategies and Responses to Plagiarism in Slovakia”, Journal on Efficiency and Responsibility in Education and Science, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 19-25, online ISSN 1803-1617, printed ISSN 2336-2375, doi: 10.7160/eriesj.2014.070104.



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